The Eagle Within

In a barn somewhere there was a birth. This baby bird cracked the shell and started life. He was born into a chicken farm. He walked with the chickens. He ate with the chickens. And he slept with the chickens. But he never believed he belonged. He always thought there...

The Backstory

The Backstory of this book to movie journey: In The Beginning: It was in September of 2011 about a month after our mother’s memorial service in Oakville, Ontario. Mary Margaret Herstad, known as “Margie”, passed at the early age of 73. I awoke in the middle of the...

Why I knew I had to write 2nd Line West

Many people have already read 2nd Line West and the reviews have been incredibly gratifying. I realize how important it was to write this inspiring book and how it has already helped and offered a new perspective and meaning to so many people. The Reviews and the...

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