In a barn somewhere there was a birth.

This baby bird cracked the shell and started life.

He was born into a chicken farm.
He walked with the chickens.
He ate with the chickens.
And he slept with the chickens.
But he never believed he belonged.
He always thought there was something more.

One day he saw a bird flying high above the farm.
It was the most beautiful bird he had ever seen.
He could not take his eyes off this bird.
It soared off across the field.
He continued to walk with the chickens.
Eat with the chickens.
And sleep with the chickens.
But he never forgot the sight he saw that day.

One day he found himself on the top of the barn.
He had made his journey all the way to the top.
From here he could see all the chickens down below.
He looked out over the field and he knew that this day may never come again.
He stared out over the landscape and made his decision.
He realized that this was the moment he was waiting for his whole life.
He closed his eyes and he jumped.
He launched himself out as far as he could.
As he fell towards the ground his wings automatically opened and he took flight!
All the chickens below caused quite a stir watching him.

He swooped down over the crowd and soared back up high above the barn.
There was much commotion as the chickens watched from the ground.
He made one last lap above the chicken farm.
All settled down and the chickens went back too walking together.
To eating together
And to sleeping together.
The Eagle continued his journey across the sky and flew off into the sunset.
There is an Eagle in each and every one of us.

Know this:
The Eagle is our soul and the chickens are the parts of our own personality.

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