The Backstory of this book to movie journey:

In The Beginning:

It was in September of 2011 about a month after our mother’s memorial service in Oakville, Ontario. Mary Margaret Herstad, known as “Margie”, passed at the early age of 73. I awoke in the middle of the night, got up, put on my housecoat and slippers, made my way down stairs to the dining room table. I opened my lap top to look at my mother’s Facebook page. I perused the pictures and comments and then did something that started me on a fascinating journey that has blown my mind. I typed and posted these words on Mom’s page “ A book will be published one day and a movie will be made of this special lady”. I am not sure why I typed that statement. I never thought of myself as a writer. Sure, I have done some poetry at times but never thought I was capable of writing a book. I went back to bed and forgot about it.

As I wrote the above paragraph I became aware of something I should share with you. I am someone who loves sleep. I love my rest. I am a proud mid-day napper and will debate its positive affect on my life with anyone. So when I say that I awoke and got out of bed half way into the night, that, is a big deal.

Read the full story here: Tom Herstad Backstory

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