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2nd Line West, book by Tom Herstad


This book is a labor of love, written by Tom Herstad. 2nd Line West is all about our individual journeys to find our own truth about a happier life, better deeper love, and what is important to us. Very easy to read 2nd Line West is uplifting, inspirational and gives us all pause for thought. We all need to take an opportunity to look inward.

We all need to review our lives, and make better decisions to enjoy a better quality of spiritual and enlightening life.

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Become the Light that Changes Your World

Cold, dark and destitute- a woman rummages through the trash searching for food and anything to keep her warm against the harsh elements. Homeless and helpless, her eyes met the eyes of love. Rosie was taken home, fed, clothed and offered a new chance at life.

A life shattered by drugs, trapped in a vicious cycle of abuse, Rick had no hope for a normal future. Taken in, shown love, and given a chance- Rick found a new path for his life, and a newfound confidence.

How can you become the light that shatters the darkness?

Tom Herstad, a marketing major, entrepreneur and technology expert, has been bringing physical light into homes for many years and now is bringing transformational light into the hearts of families around the world with Margie’s Message of hope. One woman made the difference in numerous lives, and Margie’s stories can be adopted and emulated by us, to change the lives of others in our circle of influence. A sought -after and must-have speaker, Tom is offering his message of light and hope to a world in need. Love, Care and Share is available nationwide, and on Amazon.com., Amazon.ca

From the back cover:


Despite her childhood hardships, then losing the love of her life and becoming a young widow with four children, the beautiful, vivacious Margie dedicated her life to loving, caring and sharing her wisdom. Margie opened her heart and her home to help those who needed her loving guidance. With unswerving dedication to her family and friends, she transformed lives and inspired joy and hope in everyone through her generosity, sense of fun and unfailing faith.

The many recollections within this uplifting tribute to a unique, sweet soul portray Margie’s loving legacy. Love, Care and Share will inspire you to find what is most important to you. You will discover your own truth, and how everyone, everywhere, every day has opportunities to make a positive difference.

Margie always said, “We are the hands and fingers of God, but we have to use them.”

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While preparing to write this book, I booked a trip to Cuba at a remote resort on the peninsula of Cayo Coco to center myself. I wanted to sit in a lawn chair, stare at the stars, gaze at the ocean, read the “Autobiography of a Yogi,” eat fresh lobster and ride a scooter around the peninsula. I walked along the shore to find my inner spiritual strength. For clarity to make some decisions before embarking on this impending book completion commitment.

My youngest sister, Julie, came along; we initiated this work four years ago after my mother’s passing. It was clearly time to blow more wind into the sail of this labour of love. My fun-loving sister would also bring depth of conversation.

One of the decisions was how to find an editor and how to get this book published.

Whether we view serendipitous occurrences in our lives as mere coincidences, I learned, as my Mom had often called it, “Godincidence” was at work right here on our way to Cayo Coco.

When I took my aisle seat, I was glad to be seated next to a quiet couple. I could simply rest and read. For the first hour, that was what I did. Then I looked up and we connected, discussing the woman’s interior design business, among her other creative work, and my lighting business based in Toronto. I shared my love of reading spiritual books, the importance of family and love. When I mentioned my impending writing project, I realized that I had been randomly seated beside a published author who was an editor and an independent publisher.

What are the odds of that?

For the rest of our flight, I got to know Tanya Freedman and her husband, Austin, who weighed in with his life coaching and counseling experience.

It was one of those, “Oh, that was quick, we’re landing!” flights. Time was nowhere in the exciting, engaging experience.

One week later in the Cuba airport, I sat with my new green leaf coconut hat awaiting my flight. Here was Tanya walking towards me. This time we exchanged business cards and promised to keep in touch. On the plane taking my seat I realized that I was seated next to her again. On both flights! What are the odds of this?

Then, as we kept sharing our thoughts, when and where each of us was born, we discovered that Tanya and my Mom shared the same birthday, May 14th.

Was this a “Godincidence” at work? I told Tanya why I felt compelled to write this book, sharing stories. Despite her various projects, she agreed to receive the writing I had completed and would give me her opinion if this might be a book for our family or was there a bigger purpose? I assured her she need not worry about offending me with any of her personal and professional responses.

I emailed Tanya my initial sixty-eight page draft, and waited.

When she called me two weeks later she said, “I’m all in with you on this book, Tom. It’s uplifting and a great gift to us all. Your mother was a unique woman. We’re going to do something wonderful together and share and celebrate her life with the world.”



As I embarked on the journey to write my mother’s stories and celebrate her loving, caring and sharing nature, I got into the process of taking my thoughts and memories to the printed word. I realized that my mother was in my life for fifty years and that I was a participant in these stories.

While including friends’ and family members’ tributes to Margie, I experienced something new and profound: my mother’s guidance is still at work in my life.

I witnessed her helping others, teaching me that we’re all flawed and wounded to varying degrees. She brought us up to be generous, and still, the memory of my mother inspires me daily to help others, as she had through her lifetime. She seemed to be calling me to this work. I hear her voice saying, “Tom, go the extra mile for others and keep evolving. In order to feel more, open up more, honey. Love more often, easier and deeper.”

This is exactly what happened.


In the first part of this book, I share my memories of Dad, the love of Mom’s life, describing what their marriage and interactions taught me about family and other relationships. About how deep losses in our lives affected us all, Mom in particular. About her secrets, which she kept hidden until it was almost too late. And how, like a rising phoenix, Mom fought her demons through sheer will power, all the while with an open heart, helping others. Many readers have been profoundly touched while reading and understanding the messages throughout these stories.

If you do not have strong spiritual or religious beliefs, that is absolutely fine. If someone was uncomfortable with the term God, Margie would cheerfully say, “How about this? G.O.D. stands for Good, Orderly Direction.”

Margie’s purpose in life was always about everyone she knew, to help them seek and discover the best within themselves.

“Honey,” she would tell me, “We need to help them find and bring out the hero within, to change the world in the smallest or largest ways possible.”

I also share my own struggle with love, and what I have learned along the way. How soon after losing my mother, I nearly lost the love of my life after proposing to her, because, frankly, I was not yet ready to love fully.

The earlier chapters of the book tell my mother’s life story. The later chapters show Mom’s impact on those around her while rediscovering herself, and how she used her strength to influence and facilitate transformations of many people’s lives.

These stories are my mother’s legacy to us all.

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