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“Love, Care & Share”

“To Love Another is a Gift You Give Yourself.”

Margie Herstad

It was a snowy Thursday night December 3rd 1975. Mary Margaret, known as “Margie” and her husband Gerry just finished dinner at a local restaurant. Gerry helped Margie into his new silver Monte Carlo on her side and made his way into the drivers seat. He just finished telling a joke and they were both laughing as he put the car into drive.  They pulled out of the parking lot onto a main road when she heard Gerry hiccup.

His head hit the head rest and his foot floored the gas, he was in full cardiac arrest.

Margie reached over grabbed the wheel, steered the car out of on-coming traffic, down a residential street and crashed the car into a house at the garage. Bricks fell and broke the front windshield as she kicked her door open and pulled her husband out of the car to start CPR. She tried desperately to save him.

She left the hospital that night a widow at thirty eight with four children. The grief of losing the love of her life pushed her into depression. With all the chores completed and lunches made for the following day she descended down those stairs into the basement to play the music they shared. It was where she self-medicated with alcohol. It was as though she was dancing with a ghost. We all took turns coaxing her to bed. This went on for a three year period until she found AA all on her own. From that night forward she never touched another drop and she started changing the lives of oh so many.

She passed away in the summer of 2011 at the age of seventy three. Soon after Margie’s Memorial Service my sister, Julianne, and I discussed the number of people that spent time in our home. Mom always had room for someone who needed help, people who came across her path or her children’s path. Our spare bedroom was rarely empty. Our list totalled eighteen souls. It was then that we made the decision to go and find them for an interview. Keep in mind that these people spent time in our home from the late 70’s to the mid 1990’s and it was now 2011.  It took us three years to find these people and complete the interviews. Some of them also wrote us letters.

Her  “Message” is in every story.

Margie Herstad

Books Can Turn Into Movies!

I think we read books for four reasons:

  1. To learn something new.
  2. To be inspired.
  3. To escape into our imagination.
  4. Some books can even change our life!

Based on the 90 plus reviews of 2nd line West it is clear that this book offers all of these experiences.

The book is a true story about a lady who experienced much joy, fulfillment and happiness in her life. Isn’t that what every one wants? We conducted 18 interviews with people who spent time with Mary Margaret and the research for the writing took 5 years to complete.

A movie directors wife read this book and initiated the movie contract. A movie financier, who also read this book, expressed that this powerful message has to be shared with the world and the movie deal was finalized.

Margie Age Four


Margie’s purpose in life was always about everyone seeking and discovering the best within ourselves and bringing out the hero to change the world in the smallest or largest ways possible throughout our lives.

About the Author

– Marketing expert, entrepreneur, lighting designer & author

Tom Herstad has always been a forward thinking, always up for any challenge life may throw at him.

Born and bred in Toronto, Canada, Tom has been an avid hockey player, coach, passionate outdoor adventurer, cooking over camp fires and enjoying the Thirty Thousand Islands of Georgian Bay.

Throughout the last 25 years, Tom has had a profound impact on the people he has dealt with in business and in his personal life.

2nd Line WestTom Herstad Book Launch Love Care Share is about a Lady who has “A Message For Us All”. It is also stories of what he has learned over his 5 decades. He would like to see more people look deeper into their own lives and see what they can do to experience more happiness and fulfillment.

In his book, 2nd Line West you will find a treasure trove of possibilities and how they can impact and inspire you to pursue a more gratifying life experience. See how readers have been impacted by these stories with their posted Reviews.

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